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Peach-Pit is a female mangaka duo in Japan, made up of Banri Sendo and Shibuko Ebara. Their group name derives from a hangout bar in the TV show Beverly Hills 90210. Although both have similar styles, some artwork are able to be identified which artist drew it. Both are known for their bishojo styled works. They have gone through three group names, but finally chose Peach-Pit as their main name.



DearS - 8 volume - Complete

Rozen Maiden - 8 volume - Almost Complete

Zombie-Loan 9 - volume - On-going

Shugo Chara! - 6 volume - On-going

Peach-Pit's Three Titles Collaboration Comic
a mini comic that was published in the third volume of Rozen Maiden

Mizutama compiled in "Momo-no-Tane - Peach-Pit Early Collection"

Prism Palette compiled in "Momo-no-Tane - Peach-Pit Early Collection"

illustration collections

Momo-no-Tane - Peach-Pit Early Collection

Peach-Pit illustration collection DearS

novel illustration

Splash! by Makoto Sanda

Neo Kowloon by Kazuyuki Takami

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